Casey Circle is a stationery line inspired by timeless and classic New England.

Cobblestone streets and Americana styled homes, beautiful mountain ranges and a coastline to die for.  The oldest buildings with the richest history and the freshest catch with the greatest taste. No other place on earth will you experience such a diverse region so connected at heart. Locals love it, visitors cannot get enough and its simple to see why.


Ah, New England.

Springs in the park, summers on the beach, autumns at the orchard and winters on the slopes, you’ll be hard pressed to find another location that experiences all four seasons as we do. The food, the traditions, the sights and sounds, the culture, the history. And don’t get us started on our sports. Peel back the sometimes tough, tell you like it is exterior you’ll find the true New England. The classic, time tested charm that once you’re caught, you’re hooked. And it’s tough to let go.


During the planning stages, it didn‘t take long before I realized I wanted this company to be entirely homegrown. The concepts and designs are derived from memories of yesterday and the moments of everyday life here in the northeast with the goal to bring a piece of New England to wherever you may be. Whether you are in the subways of Boston, atop Mount Washington or halfway across the globe, you can always feel at home with us.